Monday, September 5, 2011

Sassafras Lass Spotlight by Jessica Witty

You are my Sunshine Card by Jessica Witty



1. Make card from cardstock. Cover with Enlighten paper.
2. Deaden the adhesive on the sticker label with an embossing pouch. (You can also deaden adhesive by rubbing a little baby powder or cornstarch over it.)
3. Stamp sentiment on label and add letter stickers. Embellish with rhinestones.
4. Spray ribbon with Wheat Beer and Trunk Bay mists; let dry. Tie around label.
5. Adhere extra ribbon to Enlighten paper, adhering in between paper and card for a finished look.
6. Adhere label to card using foam tape.


Fany Zamudio said...

lovely colors!!!

Keren Mostov said...

Lovely card especially the serene colors, love those sassafras pages