Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Workshop by Melissa Phillips

For Baby Card by Melissa Phillips


Pure Silver Glass Glitter by Melissa Frances


Glass Glitter Accent Instructions:
  1. Enhance a vintage image with glass glitter by simple applying liquid glue around the edges of the image.
  2. Using a paper plate or piece of paper, lay your vintage image down and coat the edges with the glass glitter.
  3. Carefully pick up the image and shake off the excess glitter.
  4. Empty excess glitter back into your jar and use again and again.
Negative Pop Out Glitter Heart Instructions:
  1. A fun way to reuse the negative material from your chipboard sheet is to cut around the shape using sharp scissors.
  2. You can make the area as thin or thick as you'd like, remember that your cuts may not be perfect.
  3. Cover up imperfect cuts by lightly swiping your chipboard cut with distress ink to age your cut and make it look perfectly weathered.

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Becky Dunham said...

This is the sweetest baby card! I have several baby showers coming up and needed something cute - thanks so much for the inspiration!