Monday, May 7, 2012

Spotlight on Teresa Collins by Melissa Phillips

Noteworthy Album by Melissa Phillips



1.  Cut coordinating pattern paper slightly smaller than the front, inside cover, and inside pages of each paper bag.  Ink edges to distress and adhere.
2.  Cut a strip of silver velvet trim to fit across bottom of cover and adhere.
3.  Wrap a strip of striped ribbon to fit around cover and tie in a bow at top.
4.  Cut vintage image to fit center of cover and and adhere.
5.  Adhere cardstock border sticker down right edge of cover.
6.  Attach transparent stickers and "Noteworthy" cardstock sticker to cover.
7.  Adhere Bingo number and canvas flower to cover.
8.  Cut a strip of pleated trim to fit inside cover and adhere.
9.  Embellish the inside pages with mini kraft envelopes. cardstock stickers, transparent stickers, buttons, ribbon, journal tags, ribbon and trim.
10.  Adhere trim inside the opening of bags to create more depth and texture, leaving it extending out of the bag just a bit.
11.  Insert office tags inside the openings tied with ribbon to create journaling spots.
12.  Use the wired burlap ribbon to bind the paper bags together.


darlindas world said...

I love this book it so pretty and I love the colors. Only one thing where do you put your photos? I didn't see anywhere that I could.

Melissa said...

Hi there,
Thank you for your note. The paper bags have openings at them end where you could slip photos, memorabilia, recipes, etc. Just a different way of including special items such as pictures without having to adhere them directly to the pages.
Hope that helps a bit.

Becky Elliott said...

What a lovely, sweet, adorable album!! I just love all the little details, Melissa! I would love to try making one of these SOON!! Thanks for sharing!!