Friday, March 1, 2013

Company Spotlight on Pebbles Inc. by Sherry Wright

Family Wall Hanging by Sherry Wright


1. Cut a piece of cardboard box 7x6 1/2" and peel back to expose corrugated parts. Ink edges with white ink.
2. Cut piece of yellow paper smaller than cardboard and adhere.
3. Cut two strips of coordinating paper and adhere to left side.
4. Adhere "Family" quote card from phrase card pack to center. Adhere "together" and blue polka dot strips as shown.
5. Tuck "love" banner from phrase card pack under "family" quote.
5. Add heart stickers and masking tape stickers as shown.
6. Clip hanger to top of cardboard and add birds nest sticker.
7. Adhere scallop trim to back/bottom of cardboard piece.

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Hilary Kanwischer said...

That is such a sweet project Sherry! :)