Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Workshop by Anabelle O'Malley

Floral Necklace by Anabelle O'Malley


Cognac Grand Dame Flowers by Prima
Gold Magigold Caravan Flowers by Prima
Vintage Groove Brass Large Oval Simple Strand by Making Memories

Vintage Groove Silver Clasps Hardware by Making Memories

Vintage Groove Tools Kit by Making Memories
Vintage Groove Cameo & Glass Charms Kit by Making Memories
Vintage Groove Filigree Heart Design Combo by Making Memories
Taupe 22mm Lace Trim by Prima


1. Add clasp to chain.
2. Lay chain on workspace. Drape a piece of trim over chain and arrange flowers as you'd like to have them. Carefully slide trim and flowers off chain.
3. Hot glue flowers onto trim.
4. When cooled, stitch the flowers/trim to the chain. Trim edges of trim so that it doesn't extent beyond the flowers.
5. Hot glue flowers to trim.
6. Add charms to chain, at the edge of flowers.


Zarah said...

Ooooh.. That is BEAUTIFUL!

Stella said...

This is gorgeous; the colors of the flowers are beautiful!