Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Workshop by Jessica Witty

Faith Hope & Love Notebook by Jessica Witty


Scor Tape - I used 1/4 inch


1. Adhere label sticker to book. Trim off 2 sections of border sticker and slip them underneath the edges of the label sticker.
2. Adhere circle sticker, hope tag, mailing label, and love strip to book.
3. Open the front cover of the book and gently pull the pocket open. Add machine stitching accents to the front cover. (This way the inside pocket isn't stitched closed.)
4. Punch hole for button. Slip button in and secure the back with the wire piece it came in the package with. Cover with scotch tape.
5. Use ScorTape on bottom and side edge of pocket to close it.
6. Punch a hole in the back cover of the book.
7. Punch circle of General Store paper. Punch a hole in it, slip an eyelet in, and wrap a piece of twine around the eyelet.
8. Secure eyelet through back cover and wrap twine around the button on the front cover to close the book.