Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Company Spotlight on My Mind's Eye by Sherry Wright

Halloween Party Decor Set by Sherry Wright

black spray paint
For witch hat:
1. Fold black paper into cone shape. Cut a circle from chevron and attach cone to chevron. Adhere everything to black doily.
2. Cut frame from chalk paper and adhere to front of hat. Cut "31" from cards paper and adhere to frame.
3. Tie black and orange ribbon arounf bottom. Cut bats from paper (use chipboard bat as pattern) and adhere as shown.
4. Bend top of cone to side and adhere ribbon and bat.
For bottles:
1. Cut 6"x9" piece of chevron or moroccan paper and wrap around bottles. Add circles and "potion" etc.. stickers to embellish.
1. Spray paint wreath of any kind black. Tie ribbons around upper left. Add chipboard "Beware" and skeleton to left side. Add Halloween sticker to right side.
1. Spray paint any small frame black. Add Morroccan paper to inside and "Eat, Drink & Be Scary" sticker to outside.
Tip: Spary paint twigs and branches from your yard black to add to your spooky decor.

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