Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thankful Kit Class #1

Each week in October we will be posting a Class using the special October Breast Cancer Kit. Here's a beautiful project from Lisa Dorsey:

Directions for Tin:

1. Paint the tin and allow to dry.
2. Cut a piece of pattern paper the size of the window, wrap a piece of
ribbon around left side of pattern and then adhere to the top of the box.
3. Attach large oval sticker to the pattern paper towards the bottom
right of the cover.
4. To create the flower, cut out two identical flowers from pattern
paper. Cut the petals all the way to the center for the top one. Use a
pencil or round object to roll the petals up. Layer together and attach
button to the top.
5. Paint the wings using white pearl paint.
6. Thread ribbon through button, attach tag with safety pin. Attach
wings to upper left corner of tin.

Directions for Card:

1. Create 5 ½ x 4 ¼ inch card out of green cardstock.
2. Cover front of card with pattern paper leaving thin border.
3. Machine stitch two pieces of pattern paper and layer on left side of
card. Ink.
4. Tie ribbon around bottom section of card.
5. Hand cut flower from pattern paper and attach to back of oval label.
Attach to card.
6. Add button to flower center.



Anabelle said...

Ooh, Lisa, this is awesome!! Great use of hte kit.

Melissa said...

Sooooo pretty, pretty, pretty Lisa. This is perfect.

Linda Beeson said...

Wow, isn't all of that pink just so wonderful!!!??