Saturday, September 5, 2009

Workshop by Lisa

Teacher's Pencil Gift Box by Lisa Dorsey


Worn Lined Background Paper by Scenic Route Paper Co.
Tiny White on Black Alpha Stickers by Making Memories
Jackson Lodge Alphabet Stickers by Collage Press
Front Porch Lemonade Pattern Paper by Jenni Bowlin
Giggle Girl Flowers Pattern Paper by Sweetwater
Renaissance Die-Cut Cardstock by Narratives
Pinking Paper Edgers Scissors by Fiskars
Scor-Pal Multiple Scoring Tablet by Scor-Pal


1. Starting with a piece of yellow cardstock, use a pencil to draw a line 3 inches from the top.
2. Starting 1 inch from the right side, draw a line that starts the top line you just drew and runs to the bottom of your paper. Repeat this step at 2 inch intervals across the paper.
3. Using a ruler, find the middle of the first 2 inch segments and draw a 2.5 inch line towards the top of the paper. Then draw a line from the tip of that 2.5 inch line to the line on the left and the right. This will create the point of your pencil.
4. Repeat this for each of the 5 sections, creating 5 triangles.
5. Draw a tab on the left side of each of these triangles. These will be used to connect the pieces of the pencil tip together.
6. Score along the horizontal line, as well as the 6 lines running down from that line.
7. Cut out the gift box by cutting along the tips of the pencil and line farthest on the right. Leave the left edge as a tab when gluing the box together.
8. Cut 2 x 7 inch strips of yellow pattern paper and attach to pencil below the triangles.
9. Cut a piece of pink pattern paper that measures 10 x 2 inches and place at the bottom of the pencil. This will be the eraser. Using scalloped edge scissors, cut a 10 inch long strip from silver paper. Attach over where the yellow overlaps the pink.
10. Cut triangles from black paper to fit the pencil tip sections. * I used pinking scissors to cut the bottom edge of each triangle. Attach to each triangle.
11. Fold to create pencil shaped box, making sure to use strong adhesive on the tabs.
12. Tie sheer black ribbon around gift box.
13. Create tag using lined paper, sticker letters and transparency. Attach button and then tie to sheer ribbon.
14. Place chocolate in yellow tissue paper and gently slide into the gift box.


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