Saturday, October 30, 2010

Workshop by Jessica Witty

Floral Hair Band and Card by Jessica Witty


Other - non-slip shelf liner, no-static embossing bag


Floral Headband:
1. Dye short piece of white elastic in a cup of tea for a few minutes; dry in dryer.
2. Adhere strip of non-slip line to back of floral strip. Deaden any adhesive that shows through with no-static bag.
Stitch ends of elastic to ends of floral strip so that the headband completes a circle


1. Make card from cardstock. Cover front with cashmere paper.

2. Stamp cardfront with music image in pink ink.

3. Lay the headband over the front edge of the card and score the card front to the right of the headband. Adhere the left side of the card together.

4. Stamp frame in light brown ink.

5. Stamp sentiment in dark brown ink.

6. Wrap headband around card; fold and adhere it on the backside.

1 comment:

Stella said...

great idea; thanks for sharing. Never would have thought to use a headband for a card!