Sunday, July 31, 2011

October Afternoon Spotlight by Sherry Wright

Down by the Sea Mini Album by Sherry Wright


1. Cut a 6x6 piece of cardboard (recycled from box). Tear first layer out and dry brush paint onto. Let dry (this will be your cover).
2. Cut a 5x5 piece of blue paper and 4x3 piece of dot paper, brush paint on edges and layer on cover.
3. Add boy on beach, seagull and down by the sea stickers to the cover. (Wait to add shells ect..)
4. For page one: Cut a 6x6 piece of wave paper. Add photo and rope to bottom. Spell "by the Sea Shore" with alphabets.
5. Fold envelope in half between page 2 and 3 and add circle ship sticker to front with starfish on inside.
6. Flip envelope, add photo, and embellish with stickers.
7. Page two: Add two photos and embellish with sticker at the bottom.
8. Flip page two and add two photos, embellish with stickers.
9. For other half of envelope, add photo and embellish with wave sticker and journaling spot.
10. Flip envelope and add paper strip and photo.
11. Page three: Cut a 6x6 piece of striped paper and add photo. Embellish with lighthouse and stickers.
12. Flip and cut a 5x5 piece of wave paper, adhere. Cut strips of coordinating paper and adhere to left side, add photo.
13. Using small kraft envelope, add photo and sticker. Stamp "sun" onto white paper and cut out. Adhere over photo and use as journaling photo.
14. Flip envelope and add photo and stickers.
15. Page four: Cut a 6x6 of map paper. Add two photos and embellish with stickers. Flip and add two more photos, add wave sticker.
16. Fold another envelope between next page. Stamp sun and add sticker to center. Flip and add photo and stickers.
17. Page five: Cut a 6x6 piece of grey paper. Add two photos and embellish with stickers. Flip and add two photos, a strip of paper and journaling sticker.
18. On other side of envelope add strip of paper, photo, and sticker. Flip and add two photos to back and stickers.
19. Page six; Cut a 6x6 piece of white printed paper, add three photos, and embellish with stickers. Flip and add two photos and stickers for next two pages.
20. To tie the book together punch through each page at the top and bottom using grommets at the top of the Maya Road pendant canvas as your guide.
21. Wrap pendant around book and punch holes into other side of pendant. Run twine through all layer and tie in the front. Add sailboat sticker to back of book.
22. Using shells from your vacation hot glue to front.


kissinia said...

This is absolutely fabulous! Love every single detail about it! Many thanks for sharing with us!

Anabelle said...

Love this. It looks like B had an amazing time. The shells are the perfect touch. I can't believe you wrote out ALL of those directions.

Sally said...

This is AMAZING! Wonderfully rustic. Love how you've used the glassine pockets. Thank you!

darlene said...

what a really cute book- love the pendent canvas addition with the sailboat on the back--thanks for the detailed instructions wonderful