Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Workshop by Lisa Dorsey

Handmade Flower and Candy Jar by Lisa Dorsey


Medium Embellishment Storage Jars by Making Memories

Fly a Kite Dandelions Paper by October Afternoon
Dear Lizzy Leafy Ribbon Card by American Crafts
Happy Day Glitter Die-Cut Accents by SEI
Self-Adhesive Gems & Pearl by Making Memories
Dear Lizzy Bliss Coffee Glitter Chipboard Accent Thickers by American Crafts


1. Cut Dandelion flower to fit the top of the jar. Cut a smaller piece
of pink paper to place in middle of yellow paper. Embellish with a white
2. Use hot glue to attach ribbon to outside edge of cover. Attach
buttons to ribbon and embellish with pearls.
3. Add glitter to tag. Back glitter chipboard bird with cardstock and
attach to tag. Tie tag to one of the buttons.
4. Cut heart out of chipboard. Cover with blue cardstock. Add glitter
and pearls.

How to make paper flower:

1. Punch or cut three six petal flowers of the same size.
2. Fold all three of the flowers in half three times. On the first
flower make a cut between two of the petals to the center. (as shown). On
the second flower cut out one petal. Cut two petals out of the third flower
keeping the two petals connected to form a heart. Do not discard the petals.

3. Place a glue dot on the back of one petal adjacent to where you just
cut on each flower. Overlap the two petals to create the flower sections as

4. Use a toothpick or skewer to curl back the petals on each flower

5. Cut the pointy ends off of the two smaller sections. (as shown)

6. Place a glue dot in the center of the largest flower section. Place
the second largest section inside. Repeat with the smallest section.
7. Using the heart shaped piece that was left from one of the flowers,
curl back each of the petals using the skewer or toothpick.

8. Flatten one of the sections and then roll to create center of flower
as shown.

9. Adhere to the center of the smallest flower section. Roll the
remaining petal as shown.

10. Add glitter to the edges of the flower and cut leaves for the flower.
(step 8 photo)
11. Attach to the top of the jar.

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Anabelle said...

Gorgeous project, Lisa. And I love those flowers. Can't wait to try them out!!!